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Mary Ellen Beugin
Calgary, Detselig Enterprises, 1990. 173pp, paper, $13.95
ISBN 1-55959-013-8. CIP

Reviewed by Gail K. Lennon.

Volume 19 Number 3
1991 May

This book is an absolute must for the professional library of any classroom, special education teacher or administra­tor. It is written in such clear, non­-technical language that it is a useful reference for any parent who has a child who suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

The author, herself a parent of an ADD child, has worked with excep­tional children for the past twenty-three years. She is well qualified to discuss their characteristics and to offer teach­ing strategies and techniques. Within these strategies is the caution to readers that only medical personnel can make diagnoses. This is excellent advice. The author clearly outlines teacher strengths and teachers' areas of expertise. The appendix of the book provides a good flow chart outlining services where parents and teachers can seek additional help. If nothing else, this chart should help both these groups to realize that they are not dealing with this problem alone.

The book provides an excellent "getting started" outline of a behaviour modification programme for home and school. Since this is an area with which parents and teachers feel anxious, this is a very valuable inclusion. It is clearly outlined in a step-by-step sequence that even the most junior parent or teacher can follow with confidence.

Considerable space in the book is devoted to discussion of characteristics of the ADD child at various stages of development from birth to adulthood. A wide variety of options in treatment, from medication to classroom modifica­tion programs and combinations of medical and classroom strategies, is presented. This book presents more that a dozen options for helping the ADD child!

The author draws on current re­search in presenting the most current information on why ADD occurs and how it is treated. Being a parent of an ADD child, the author is careful to present facets of the child's frustration with the exceptionality as well as carefully documented data.

I would highly recommend this small, attractive paperback to anyone!

Gail K. Lennon, Lambton County Board of Education, Sarnia, Ont.
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