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Adrienne Mason

Markham (Ont.), Pembroke Publishing, 1991. 120pp, paper, $12.95
ISBNO-921217-60-9. CIP

Reviewed by Hugh A. Cook.

Volume 19 Number 3
1991 May

The ideas presented in this book are not generally those that one would present to a class in a couple of minutes. Most of this book's ideas are well though out long-term projects. The teacher will need to have spent some effort in preparing herself and her classroom resources if these ideas are to come to fruition.

That is not to discourage the teacher from using these ideas. They would, in most cases, be very worthwhile class projects. Several plans require the co­operation of all members of the staff and may involve a good public relations sales pitch to the community, school custodian, principal or board officials. Since many of our environmental concerns are somewhat complicated and involve the resources of many sectors of our society, a few of these projects would involve some resources outside the average classroom.

Caring for a patch of ground in some public park or planting a nature setting within the confines of the school yard would require more than the enthusi­asm of the teacher and his/her students. Ideas like these have good practical merit and initially would probably meet with more enthusiasm from the students than from the adults whose territory they may affect. Therefore, it would be extremely unwise to get the students' enthusiasm stirred up and then find out that the idea is contrary to school policy or the necessary funds are not available.

The author has sincerely tried to create projects that would be a challenge to almost all the grades from junior to secondary. In most cases, with slight alterations or change in emphasis, the ideas presented would suit any grade level. As I read this book my mind raced along trying to think how this or that idea would suit a particular class or community and what a teacher would likely have to do to sell it to the students and the surrounding community. A book that generates that kind of think­ing would, in my opinion, be a very worthwhile reference as a staff resource and should be available for team planning sessions.

Hugh A. Cook, Maple, Ont.
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