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By Irene E. Aubrey
National Library of Canada - Ottawa Ontario

Volume 19 Number 4
1991 September

Aska, Warabe. Seasons. Poetry selected by Alberto Manguel. Doubleday Canada, 1990. ISBN 0-385-25265-X

Bailey, Lydia. Mei Ming and the Dragon's Daughter: A Chinese Folktale. Illustrated by Martin Springett. North Winds Press (a division of Scholastic Canada), 1990. ISBN 0-590-73369-9. Available in French translation as Mei Ming et la fills du dragon: an conte chinois. Translated by Francois Renaud. Scholastic Canada, 1990. ISBN 059073420-2. Bartels, Alice. The Beast. Illustrated by Gilles Tibo. Annick Press, 1990. ISBN 1-55037-101-0 (cloth), ISBN 1-55037-102-9 (paper). Distributed by Firefly Books.

Brebeuf, Jean de. The Huron Carol. Translated by J.E. Middleton and illustrated by Frances Tyrrell. Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1990. ISBN 088619-280- Distributed by Key Porter Books.

Czernecki, Stefan and Timothy Rhodes. Nina 's Treasures. Illustrated by Stefan Czernecki. Sterling/Hyperion, 1990. ISBN 0-920534-65

Gay, Marie-Louise. Willy Nilly. Stoddart, 1990. ISBN 0-7737-2429-X. Distributed by General Publishing Available in French translation as Bonne fête Willy. Translated by Christiane Duchesne. Heritage, 1990. ISBN 2-7625-6574-X.

Jennings, Sharon. Jeremiah and Mrs. Ming. Illustrated by Mireille Levert. Annick Press, 1990. ISBN 1-55037-079-0 (cloth), ISBN 155037-078-2 (paper). Available in French translation as Jeremie Mme Ming. Translated by Raymonde Longval. Annick Press, 1990. ISBN 1-55037-085-5. Distributed by Firefly Books.

Mollel, Tololwa M. The Orphan Boy. Illustrated by Paul Morin. Oxford University Press, 1990. ISBN 0-19-540783-0.

Poulin, Stephane. My Mother's Loves: Stories and Lies from My Childhood. Annick Press, 1990. ISBN 1-55037-149-5 (library binding), ISBN 1-55037-148-7 (paper). Available in French as Les amours de ma mere. Annick Press, 1990. ISBN 1-55037-151-7. Distributed by Firefly Books.

Taylor, C.J. How Two-Feather Was Saved from Loneliness: An Abenaki Legend. Tundra Books, 1990. ISBN 0-88776-254-9. Ava able in French translation as Deux plumes et la solitude disparue: un legende abenaquise. Translated by Michele Boileau. Livres Tound 1990. ISBN 0-88776-255-7.

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