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Gilles Tibo
Montreal, Tundra Books, 1991. 24pp, cloth, $10.95, ISBN 0-88776-261-1
Available in French as Simon et le soleil d’ete, ISBN 0-88776-262-X. CIP

Pre-school to Grade 3/Ages 3 to 8

Reviewed by Brenda Partridge.

Volume 20 Number 2
1992 March

Simon, a little fellow with a very active imagination, strives seasonally to achieve the impossible. Author-illustrator Gilles Tibo presents us with his fourth Simon adventure, a compan­ion for Simon and the Snow flakes, Simon and the Wind and Simon Welcomes Spring.

Patterned after its predecessors, Simon in Summer revolves around his search to overcome one of the forces of nature - in this case how to make summer stay. He receives advice from the blue heron and from a cow in the pasture. However, his attempts to make the frogs sing, to retain the butterflies on his paper flowers and to keep the sun high in the sky fail. Accepting that he cannot make summer stay, Simon looks on the positive side and awaits his friends returning from vacation. The story is a magical ride through the imagination of a young child.

Tibo's internationally acclaimed illustrations for this series emphasize Simon's ability to utilize his imagination to the fullest. A magical, dream-like effect is achieved on each page through Tibo's perfection of the air-brush technique, whereby paint is sprayed through cut-outs in varying degrees of opacity.

The demand for picture-books that depict Canadian seasonal changes is ongoing. Teachers and librarians involved with thematic approaches will welcome this highly recommended addition to their collections. The complete set of the four Simon adven­tures takes the reader through the highlights of all seasons.

Brenda Partridge, Percy Centennial Public School, Warkworth, Ont.
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