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Laura Suzuki and Peter Cook
Don Mills (Ont.), Panda Books, 1991. 64pp, paper, $4.95
ISBN 0-7736-73180. Distributed by General Paperbacks. CIP

Grades 3 and up/Ages 8 and up

Reviewed by Anna Santarossa.

Volume 20 Number 2
1992 March

As you may have already noticed, although David Suzuki asks the ques­tions, he in fact does not provide the answers. The answers are provided by Laura Suzuki and Peter Cook (who are both writers and cartoonists) in a humorous cartoon-style book in black-and-white that is sure to please.

The subject of this book is food and feeding. In it there are many tidbits about food and feeding, including not only how humans handle these, but also how reptiles, plants, insects and other mammals such as cows and whales manage. The book also includes information on a variety of topics from food preparation and preservation to the human body and bodily functions. All of these topics are scattered through­out the book. There is no index or table of contents.

The purpose of the book appears to be that of asking questions that we have wondered about but never endeavoured to find out about. Some things in this book I really would rather not have found out about: "Rabbits have two types of poo: a normal, hard kind and soft type that gets eaten to be digested again." On the other hand, I'm relieved to know, "If you swallow gum, it doesn't stay in your stomach for years. Like anything that can't be digested, it just comes out the other end!"

There is some information related to bodily functions that may offend "grown-up" sensibilities. However, I'm sure that children would have no such difficulties and would welcome the explanations. All the questions are answered in a simple, concise manner so that all may understand. No medical or scientific jargon is used here; the authors tell it like it is: snot is snot.

This is the third book in a series. The other books in the series are David Suzuki Asks Did You Know about Light and Sight? and David Suzuki Asks Did You Know about Insides and Outsides? This third book on food and feeding is sure to delight young readers by not only telling us what we should know about ourselves, but also informing us of what we always wanted to know but were too embarrassed to ask.

Anna Santarossa, Bolton, Ont.
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