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Illustrated by Jan Sovak

Door(Alta.), Red Deer College Press, 1991. 24pp, paper, $12.95
ISBN 0-88995-067-9. CIP

Grades 5 and up/Ages 10 and up
Reviewed by Stan R. Kozak.

Volume 19 Number 5
1991 October

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but our never-ending fascination keeps them alive. Publications such as The Great Dinosaur Poster Book feed this interest and keep it growing.

Being a poster book, it is meant to be taken apart so that each illustration can be displayed. Used in this way, the illustrations will add to the study of dinosaurs in school or spark creative contemplation while adorning a young­ster's bedroom walls.

The dinosaurs illustrated are not your usual cast. You do get Tyrannosaurus but for me the familiarity ended there as I learned of the likes of Tsintaosaurus and Dilophosaurus. Most of the dinosaur poses are very lifelike and often show predator-prey relation­ships. The illustration depicting Ornithomimus on the run with only the shadows of its six pursuers showing is intriguing.

Text accompanies each illustration. I appreciated the stating of dinosaur "facts" in a tentative manner. Opposing scientific views are often included and this is the way it should be. We will never be sure of all the facts of dinosaur life.

Text is found on the back of each poster. The top half of the page de­scribes the illustration while the bottom half includes related information. Though this format is suitable for posters, when using it as a book having to flip pages to read about the corre­sponding poster is a bit cumbersome and confusing. Except for dinosaur names, the reading level seems appro­priate for most ten-year-olds.

The book contains twelve posters. At $12.95, The Great Dinosaur Poster Book is a reasonable buy.

Stan R. Kozak, Guelph, Ont.
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