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Produced and directed by Corinne Linder

Dept. of Communications Media, University of Calgary, 1991. VHS cassette, 24:00 min., $325.00
Distributed by University of Calgary Film Library, 2500 University Dr. N.W., Calgary, Alta. T2N 1N4

Grades 11 and up/Ages 16 and up
Reviewed by Colleen Casey Stewart.

Volume 19 Number 5
1991 October

On first viewing, The Choice is Yours strikes the viewer as overly simplistic and moralistic. The video's message — the importance of making conscious choices and not simply letting yourself be caught up in something — is one that is certainly worth making. However, one wonders whether the intended audience (senior high school?) won't simply turn off at the condescension implied in the one-dimensional story­line.

The action takes place at a university cabaret (a dated term in itself): students are depicted making choices to drink or smoke marijuana, have sex with partners they have just met, practise safe sex, be honest with their sexual partners, and so on. Unfortunately, a number of the scenes between individuals don't ring true; except for the homosexual relation­ship, the interaction between the student couples seems contrived, overstated or unrealistic.

While one cannot help but applaud the video's intention of reminding people of the lasting consequences that can follow some action, it is doubtful whether the viewer would respond positively enough to the film to internal­ize that message.

Colleen Casey Stewart, Greater Victoria Public Library, Victoria, B.C.
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