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Ben Brooks
Illustrated by Bill Slavin

Toronto, KidsCan Press, 1991. 32pp,hardcover, $11.95
ISBN 1-55074-009-1. CIP

Kindergarten to Grade 4/Ages 5 to 9
Reviewed by Kay Kerman

Volume 19 Number 6
1991 November

Lemonade Parade tells about the feelings that three children, Richard, Wynona and Patty, experience when they open up a lemonade stand for the day. Patty's father said it would be fun but it's been a very slow morning and the children are bored and about ready to throw in the towel. Patty's father hears how discouraged they are and makes a plan to change that.

Fortunately, he has a sense of humour and a lot of energy. Suddenly the children's bad luck changes and the most unusual and generous-tipping customers start appearing at the lemon­ade stand. Unbeknownst to them, the man who comes to their booth dressed as a clown, a gold prospector, an astronaut, a top-secret, undercover, double triple agent, a rock star, a deep-sea diver, a fire fighter, a retired pirate, a lion tamer and a vacuum-cleaner salesman (who bought the very last glass) is Patty's father!

The children are, needless to say, delighted, and as they race into the house to tell Patty's father, he is on the couch snoring. All the children have great plans for what they can do with the money and when Wynona suggests that they could "buy more lemonade" Patty's father almost falls off the couch!

Kay Kerman, Chelsea Elementary School, Chelsea, Que.
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