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Produced by Michael Chechik; directed by Brad Turner

Omni Film Productions, 1990. VHS cassette, 24:00 min., $99.00
Distributed by Magic Lantern Film Distributors, Unit #38, 775 Pacific Rd., Oakville, Ont. L6L 6M4

Grades 3 to 6/Ages 8 to 11
Reviewed by Michele F. Kallio.

Volume 19 Number 6
1991 November

This episode of "Inside Stories" is number seven of thirteen videotapes that examine different families and cultural issues.

The Comic Book Chase is about Andy Kim, a twelve-year-old boy whose favourite reading material is comic books. Coming home from classes at the Chinese school, Andy finds his house for sale. His mother tells him they have been evicted and do not have enough money to buy the house themselves. Andy vows to find a way.

Learning that some comic books are very valuable, Andy and his friend Sean set about locating a first edition copy of a Marvel comic which Andy has seen in an antique store. But Curtis H. Kwong, an adult collector of comic books, offers more money and gets the book. The boys convince the store owner to tell them where she got the book.

Andy is surprised to find that his teacher from the Chinese school is the owner of the other comic book. Hiding the truth from the old man, Andy tells him it is worth about $25.00. Mr. Fong refuses the money and gives the book to Andy as a gift. While Sean rejoices Andy is not sure he has done right. They are followed by Kwong and a chase ensues.

After a few misadventures, Andy finds he has succeeded in keeping the book. The first buyer for the book offers $5000 but Andy refuses. He decides to return the book to Mr. Fong and tell him the truth. Surprised and pleased by the revelation, Mr. Fong offers to share the money with Andy. But the buyer changes his mind. Mr. Kwong offers $10,000 for the book, so, in the end, with his home safe, Andy learns once again that it is always wise to be honest.

This excellent series was seen on national television last season and will be an important addition to any school library, as these films give a glimpse of family life in different cultures.


Michele F. Kallio, Black's Harbour, N.B.
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