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Produced by Douglas J.M. Giasson; directed by Shaytan Fox

LCA Productions, 1990. VHS cassette, 26:00 min., $239.00. (The Nature of Canada series).
Distributed by Interna­tional Tele-Film, 47 Densley Ave., Toronto, Ont., M6M 5A8

Grades 4 to 8/Ages 9 to 13
Reviewed by Wendy Zwaal.

Volume 19 Number 6
1991 November

Episode 2 of "The Nature of Canada" series, Polar Bear Express, examines polar bears as they migrate to their winter hunting grounds on the arctic ice pack.

Early in November, the pack ice begins to form on Hudson Bay, near Cape Churchill, Manitoba. Large numbers of polar bears pass through this area to reach the ice and seals that will feed them all winter. This migra­tion provides scientists with an opportu­nity to study the nomadic polar bear. Such an expedition forms the basis of this video.

Polar Bear Express explores the polar bear and man's relation to the animal. Information about the expedition is given, as are details of how local authorities in Churchill deal with the large influx of polar bears each Novem­ber. But the focus of the video is the polar bear. The video explains the polar bear's evolution and how it has adapted to the harsh northern climate. The polar bear's intelligence and hunting skills are also highlighted.

The video is informative and enter­taining. The technical quality is good, and the narration is clear. However, the use of some technical terms (e.g. pack ice, migration, extremities) assumes a certain amount of background knowl­edge. The video is recommended, but the price might make it too expensive for many libraries.

Wendy Zwaal, Newmarket Public Library, Newmarket, Ont.
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