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A New Fay Wray

Computer Resources to Tame Your Library

By Bruce Winter

Volume 20 Number 2
1992 March

From astronomy to topographic map explorations, from the Bible to videos--when you're thinking computerized resources, don 't forget to check out our annotated mediography of Canadian software and CDs.

Many computer programmes available in Canada appear to be American in origin and content. When asked to compile a listing of Canadian software and CDs for CM, I was curious about what might be out there, because I had never seriously thought about the "Canadian factor." However, after sifting through some of the sources available, I found there are many programmes that are either Canadian in content or produced in Canada that perhaps deserve some consideration. For example, the programme Chemnames is a good reinforcement programme for senior chemistry classes in inorganic and organic nomenclature. Either the Canadian Business and Current Affairs CD or the Canadian Periodical Index CD is almost a must in senior schools today in orde r to allow students to make good searches of a school's periodicals or to look for journal articles in surrounding libraries.

The following mediography represents a beginning listing of Canadian software and CDs. It is by no means definitive. Additional sources and/or suggestions are most welcome. Prices are given for a single copy and/or a site licence (multiple copies) wher e applicable.


Adventures in Astronomy. (MS DOS, Apple). Entrex Software. Single copy $99, site licence $396. Grades 4 to 8

In this simple-to-use simulation students join the Space Academy and learn the answers to the following questions: what is a comet? where is Saturn? and many more fascinating questions.

Aftermarket. (MS DOS or Macintosh). Smythe Computer Software. Site licence $290. Senior high school

An educational business simulation allowing student-controlled companies to penetrate a controlled wholesaler/ retailer market.

Canada's Postal Markets. (MS DOS). Financial Post Publications. $395. Senior high school and up/Professional

For each Forward Sortation Area (FSA) of Canada's sophisticated postal coding you get consumer demographics, population, and household income estimates and projections, along with data on the size of businesses, "The Top 100" rankings, and shopping cen tre data.

Canadian Markets. (MS DOS). Financial Post Publications. $171.25. Senior grades and up

This is an easy-to-use abridged version of the Canadian Markets book, allowing the user access to historical, current and projected statistics for population, retail sales, households and income.

Chemnames. (MS DOS). Smythe Computer Software. Site licence $169. EGA required. Senior high school

Inorganic and organic nomenclature.

Crosscountry USA and Crosscountry Canada. (MS DOS or Apple). Didatech Software. School edition $77 each, lab pak $160, site licence $395.

This series brings geography alive by taking students on computer-enhanced trips of discovery which require map reading and problem-solving skills.

Directory of Apprenticeship Careers. (MS DOS). Ontario Ministry of Skills Development.

$ Market. (MS DOS). Smythe Computer Software. Single copy $59, site licence $149. Senior high school

A supply-and-demand simulation designed for high school economics classes.

Fay: That Math Woman. (MS DOS, Apple, C64). Didatech Software. School edition $49, lab pak $98, site/ network$245. Elementary

This program takes students beyond memorization to a true understanding of arithmetic. It helps children visualize how and why basic arithmetic works.

Fay: The Word Hunter. (Apple, C64). Didatech Software. School edition $49, lab pak $98, site/network $245. Elementary

This program helps kids visualize correct spelling ... to know when words "look right."

Markbook--2000. (MS DOS). Smythe Computer Software. Single copy $59, site licence $169. Professional

State-of-the-art teacher's computerized gradebook.

Resources. (MS DOS). Smythe Computer Software. Site licence $99. EGA, mouse required. High school

Resources is a complete three-day computer-enhanced lesson.

Top Map. (MS DOS). Smythe Computer Software. Site licence $99. EGA required. High school

Three-dimensional topographic map explorations.

Vistas Canada News Disk. (MS DOS). Prentice-Hall Canada (and Infomart Online). $50. 3.5 in. disk only. Annual updates. High school

This disk contains thirty-five current articles drawn from the over thirty newspapers and journals and is correlated to the text Vistas Canada: Environmental and Economic Issues used at the OAC level in Ontario schools. No copyright infringement.

World Prospects News Disk. (MS DOS). Prentice-Hall Canada (and Infomart Online). $50. Annual updates. High school

Similar to the above disk but supporting the text World Prospects (second edition) used in the OAC World Issues course in Ontario. Available spring 1992.

The Workings of Markets. (MS DOS). Vancouver Community College Press. Single licence $250, class licence $1750, site licence $3000. EGA, VGA required, 4 megabyte hard disk. Senior high school and first-year economics at colleges or universities

The Workings of Markets is a computer-based introductory economics course that won the prestigious Northern Telecom National Award. (Free demonstration disk available.)


Canadian Business and Current Affairs. (MS DOS). Micromedia. Educational $800 U.S., other $1450 U.S.

A comprehensive indexing source covering every aspect of Canadian affairs, including major Canadian newspapers and journals.

The Canadian Encyclopedia on CD-ROM. (MS DOS). McClelland & Stewart. Stand alone $495 (ISBN 0-7710-18770), network $895 (ISBN 0-7710-18789), annual updates $90. Elementary and secondary

This CD contains the entire text of the Canadian Encyclopedia and the Gage Canadian Dictionary in a single database.

Canadian Periodical Index. (MS DOS). InfoGlobe. High schools $600$700, networked $840-$1400; colleges $700$775, networked $980$1550; public libraries $600-$1300, networked $840$2600; updates March and September.

Complete indexing of CPI from January 1988 to November 1991.

Canadisk. (MS DOS or Macintosh). Britannica Learning Materials. Educational $495. DOS 5.0 recommended. Macintosh 68030 recommended.

Canadisk is a multimedia computer resource for the study of Canadian history and culture. Updated for 1992, it contains text, photos, statistics, environmental data, census data, and election results. Both English and French editions will be available in the spring. (Available to Ontario schools at a reduced price.)

CD: Education. (MS DOS). Micromedia. $800 per year. Professional

CD: Education represents a major advance in accessibility to Canadian educational research, containing the following database groups: Canadian Education Index, Onteris, and CEA Handbook.

The Findit Webster. (MS DOS or Macintosh). Innotech. $99. Elementary and secondary

Over 85,000 words (3,500 with pronunciation), over 30,000 verbal illustrations, all based on the New York Times dictionary.

1st Canadian Shareware Disk. (MS DOS). BetaCorp Technologies. $89.

This disk is a compilation of over 600 carefully selected public domain and shareware programs encompassing 10 different application categories, including communications, graphics and utilities.

Maclean's. (MS DOS). Southam Business Communications. $199.

The full text of Maclean's for all the issues from March 1988 to December 1991, all easily retrievable using Data ware software. (Also available through Micromedia.)

MSSB Film & Video Catalogue. (MS DOS or Macintosh). Innotech. $75.

The complete and updated catalogue of films and videos for the Metropolitan Separate School Board of Toronto.

The Gazette (Montréal) 1990. (MS DOS). Southam Business Communications. Educational $600, commercial $1200, LAN $400 $1000.

This full-text edition is easily accessible, taking only minutes to learn.

The Multi-Bible. Volume l. (MS DOS or Macintosh). Innotech. $125.

A collection of five versions of the Bible. Search all five at once or individually by key word, phrase, etc.

The Ottawa Citizen, 1990. Southam Business Communications.

Educational $600, commercial $1200, LAN $400-$1000.

Statcan: 1991 CANSIM CD Disk. (MS DOS). Micromedia. Educational $995 (annual issue), $1495 (semiannual issue); commercial $1995 (annual issue), $2995 (semi-annual issue).

A comprehensive selection of Canadian data makes this a valuable resource for anyone who wants to know about Canada's economy. Access to thousands of statistics on all aspects of the Canadian economy.

The Toronto Star, 1989, 1990, 1991. (MS DOS). Southam Business Communications. Educational $600, commercial $1200, Lan $400-$1000.

The complete text, word by word, allowing the user unlimited access.

The Toronto Sun, 1989, 1990. (MS DOS or Macintosh). Innotech. $395.

The complete text of the Sun accessible in seconds.

Unity Disc. (MS DOS). Southam Business Communications. $99.

This disc "contains over 30,000 stories which refer to the Canadiana unity issue- stories on confederation, Meech Lake, the constitution, charter of rights, sovereignty association, distinct society, elected senate, aborigional rights, " etc. (Also ava ilable from Micromedia.)

The Vancouver Sun, 1990. (MS DOS). Southam Business Communications. Educational $60, commercial $1200, LAN $400-$1000.


BetaCorp Technologies
5716-11 Coopers Ave.
Mississauga, Ont.
L4Z 2B9

Britannica Learning Materials
P.O. Box 2249, Britannica Place
Cambridge Ont.
N3C 3N4
(800) 465-9439

Didatech Software Ltd.
3812 William Street
Burnaby B.C.
V5C 3H9
(604) 299-4435

Entrex Software Inc.
P.O. Box 30029
Victoria, B.C.
V8X 5E1

Financial Post Publications
333 King St. E.
Toronto, Ont.
M5A 4N2

Info Globe
444 Front St. W.
Toronto, Ont

#107-110 Silver Star Blvd.
Scarborough Ont.
MI5 5A2

McClelland & Stewart
380 Esna Park Drive
Markham, Ont.
L3R 1H5

Micromedia Limited
20 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ont.
M5C 2N8

Ontario Ministry of Skills Development
Communications and Marketing Branch
101 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, Ont.
M5S 1P7
Contact: Karen Fukunaga

Prentice Hall Canada
1870 Birchmount Rd.
Scarborough, Ont.
M1P 2J7

Smyth Computer Software
3273 Whispering Pine Rd.
Burlington, Ont.
L7M 2R4

Southam Business Communications
1450 Don Mills Rd
Don Mills, Ont.
M3B 2X7
Contact: Dennis Albett

Vancouver Community College Press
100 West 49th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.
V5Y 2Z6
Fax (604) 324-5577

Bruce Winter is head of the Library Services Department at Lorne Park Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario. He also edits Computers in School Libraries, a newsletter dedicated to the sharing of information amongst high school teacher-librarians.
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