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Ginette Anfousse
Illustrated by Anne Villeneuve; trans­lated by Sarah Cummins
Halifax, Formac Publishing, 1991. 59pp, paper, $5.95
ISBN 0-88780-094-7. (First Novel series). CIP

Grades 2 to 4/Ages 7 to 9

Reviewed by Dave Jenkinson.

Volume 20 Number 2
1992 March

Because seven-year-old Arthur's mischievous pranks, frequently based on objects from his father's tricks and jokes store, "Creepy Crawlies," have driven off twenty-three babysitters, the Babysitters Association of Hinksville has informed Arthur's dad, William Goodberry, that his son is "such a notorious monster that no one will ever, ever agree to babysit [Arthur]."

This situation creates a major problem for single-parent Goodberry, who is not prepared to leave Arthur home alone while he goes on bowling dates with Charlotte Peever. Un­daunted, Charlotte, or Bowldozer as Arthur calls her, uncovers a new babysitter, Mrs. McCubbin. To prevent his father's future dates with Bowldozer, Arthur prepares to drive Mrs. McCubbin off as well, but finds that she has an eight-year-old daughter, "Ambidextrous" Annie, who proves to be more than his match. However, when Arthur reveals to Annie that he would "really like to get rid of Charlotte Peever, FOR GOOD," Annie agrees to help, with most amusing and satisfying results.

Originally published as Le pere d'Arthur (La courte echelle, 1989), Anfousse's light-hearted story-line, Villeneuve's cartoon-style black-and-white illustrations, and the text's large print make Arthur's Dad a very satisfy­ing transition for newly independent readers moving from picture- to chap­ter-books.

Dave Jenkinson, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Man.
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