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Linda Hendry
Toronto, HarperCollins, 1991. 32pp, galley, $12.95
ISBN 0-00-223 755-5. (Alligator Press). CIP

Pre-school to Grade 2/Ages 3 to 7

Reviewed by Pearl Herscovitch

Volume 20 Number 2
1992 March

Mrs. Mortifee "had a mouse in her house and she didn't like it one bit." As the week progresses she finds the pesky mouse in her bowling ball, so she goes jogging instead. Dressed for the opera, she finds the mouse in her favourite shoes, so she wears her rubber boots. All of these episodes are perfectly complemented by hilarious water-colours depicting Mrs. Mortifee run­ning, hair on end, arms extended, and Mrs. Mortifee causing a distraction as she enters the opera house in bright yellow boots.

Her ingenious attempts at catching the mouse constantly fail until she finally goes out to buy a cat. The reader will be surprised to turn the page and find a lion causing complete chaos in her home as he and the mouse pursue each other. Peace is restored when the threesome befriend one another, and a final illustration shows them in winter wear enjoying their tea. "Now Mrs. Mortifee has a mouse and a cat in her house... and she doesn't mind at all!"

A well-paced story with lively illustrations and a satisfying ending.

Pearl Herscovitch, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alta.
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