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Lyle Weis
Toronto, General Paperbacks, 1991. 157pp, paper, $5.95
ISBN 0-7736-7297-4. CIP

Grade 4 to 6/Ages 9 to 11

Reviewed by Adele Fasick.

Volume 20 Number 2
1992 March

Kim is having some difficulty accept­ing her parents' recent separation and would prefer to stay in Edmonton with her mother rather than spend two weeks on a farm with her unknown cousins. She soon discovers, however, that her cousins, Valerie and Jason, are glad to welcome her to the farm. They take her horseback riding and share their secret discovery of a peregrine falcon's nest.

The children soon find that they are not the only people interested in the falcon. A mysterious, cranky man has decided to camp near the nest and they suspect he might want to kidnap the valuable baby birds. They become oven more suspicious when they see two men scaling a cliff near the nest and when Kim's valuable camera is stolen. With unrealistically good luck they survive a confrontation with the angry man as well as a fall down a cliff and an encoun­ter with the falcon kidnappers.

The action is swift and the relation­ships among the three people are believable enough to attract readers. Kim quickly comes to terms with her father's failure to come on a promised visit and her relationship with her mother improves. Although a rather superficial book, this is a quick read and the theme of environmental crime is timely.

Adele Fasick, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont.
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