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Stuart Tingley
Photography by Wayne Barrett
Halifax, Nimbus Publishing, 1991. 104pp, cloth, $27.95
ISBN 0-921054-87-4. CIP

Grades 11 and up/Ages 16 and up

Reviewed by Elinor Kelly.

Volume 20 Number 2
1992 March

Wings over Water contains 120 colour photographs of water birds of the North Atlantic in a coffee-table-sized book. The pictures of the 80 or 90 birds are taken by Wayne Barrett, the maritime wildlife photographer. Canada seems to specialize in gifted wildlife photogra­phers and Barrett is another notable. Especially impressive are the pictures of large flocks, each bird in focus, which can't be easy to achieve. The close-ups are clearly recognizable and in good colour.

The accompanying text is written by Stuart Tingley, formerly with the wildlife service and now leading nature tours. The waters of the North Atlantic teem with water birds. Magnificent colonies are to be found on Bonaventure Island, and at Wittless Bay and Cape St. Mary's. As well as showing us these famous sites, Tingley tells us where else to go for more - estuaries, marshes, tidal waters. The writing is easy and informative. One hopes it will be read with attention.

People are responsible for the health of the oceans and wetlands. Overfishing and loss of habitat have reduced bird numbers and are of real concern. The good news is the increase in numbers of bald eagles, ospreys, cormorants, and herring and black-backed gulls.

This is a book of great interest to the Maritimes but not limited to them. Many of those birds are seen inland and the ones that are not, like puffins, are charmers. Perhaps it is not a book for school libraries but for general readers, bird watchers and photographers. It would make a great gift and one hopes will be widely available to travellers to the Atlantic shores.

Elinor Kelly, Port Hope, Ont.
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