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Wilma Alexander
Toronto, General Paperbacks, 1991. 121pp, paper, $5.95
ISBN 0-7736-7344-X. (junior Gemini series). CIP

Grades 4 to 6/Ages 9 to 11

Reviewed by Edith Parsons

Volume 20 Number 3
1992 May

In this well-told adventure, two cousins are taken back to 1936 to witness the historic Belleville flood.

While living temporarily with his aunt and cousin, bookish Rafe finds pictures and newspaper articles about the flood, along with a silver bracelet. To his cousin Edie's disgust, Rate decides to research the flood for a history report. At the same time, Edie enjoys wearing the bracelet, even though it gives her a strange tingling sensation.

On the anniversary of the flood, during one of their frequent arguments, Edie and Rafe are transported back through time to the Depression era. The two are befriended by a girl named Margaret. Although their efforts to warn others of the imminent flood result in scorn, Edie and Rafe rescue Margaret's father. Only after Margaret loses the bracelet to her father, who is intent on pawning it to support his family, do Edie and Rafe recog­nize the bracelet's role. When they finally come to appreciate their respective strengths, Edie and Rafe are able to work together to retrieve the bracelet and return home.

Wilma Alexander (Old Coach Road and The Queen's Silver) tells a well-researched story full of intense action and drama. Alexander's characters are not always likeable but they are real. This book should have wide appeal.

Edith Parsons, Yellowhead Regional Library,Spruce Grove, Alta.

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