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Paul Kropp
Mills (Ont.), Maxwell Macmillan Canada, 1991. 113pp, cloth, $15.95
ISBN 0-02-954055-0. (Originally published under the title Wilted). ClP

Grades 5 to 8/Ages 10 to 13

Reviewed by Dave Jenkinson

Volume 20 Number 3
1992 May

Kropp's first young adult novel is back in a revised hardcover edition. Fourteen-year-old Danny Morrison is concerned that his classmates will think him a "wilt," a loser, because he has to wear glasses, Danny's physical appearance, however, becomes the least of his problems. At home, his parents' deteriorating marriage finally comes apart. At school, when Danny's interest in the attractive Samantha Morgan is reciprocated, he is threatened by 200-lb. Ron Masten, who claims Samantha as his territory. Danny also meets death for the first time when Major Henry, a sympathetic and wise teacher, has a sudden heart attack.

The various threads of Danny's life come together in a climactic fight scene involving Danny and Ron. While glasses have improved Danny's vision, the recent happenings in his life have also caused him to see more clearly and less egoccntrically; however, for the moment, as Samantha says, "You've seen enough."

A comparative reading of the novel's two versions shows that Kropp has both tight­ened the original and made changes to content detail. Most modifications simply reflect new teen symbols: references, to stereos are replaced with CD players, and records, with tapes. Responding to shifting social values, Kropp substitutes environmen­tally friendly roll-on deodorant for spray, converts "Mrs." to "Ms," and no longer has a 90s Danny offer to carry Samantha's books. The repatriated novel incorporates Canadian settings and local colour with, for example, Labatts 50 replacing Coors. Kropp also introduces some changes in characterisation, with the largest occurring in Danny's presentation. ’s Danny was afraid of Ron, but You've Seen Enough’s is much more self-confident.

Kropp's revisions have made the novel a crisper, even better read for middle school readers.

Dave Jenkinson, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Man.

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