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Maryann Kovalski.
Richmond Hill, ON: North Winds Press, 1992.
32pp., cloth, $12.95.
ISBN 0-590-74030X. Distributed by Scholastic Canada. CIP.

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Kindergarten-grade 3 / Ages 5 - 8

Reviewed by Jane Robinson.

Volume 20 Number 3
1992 May

They're back - that fun-loving threesome created by Maryann Kovalski in her songbooks The Wheels on the Bus ¹ and Jingle Bells ². This time Grandma, Jenny and Joanna are off on an adventure that will revive Canadian children's sagging winter spirits by putting the old song "Take Me out to the Ball Game" in their hearts.

Although the song was written some eighty years ago, it is still a familiar and popular tune with most children, who have heard it from their parents and grandparents or sung by such popular recording artists as Sharon, Lois and Bram. Even those who don't know it will be singing along in no time. But the song merely provides a rich and rollicking back6drop for the story - and the text, what little there is, merely provides a reason for the song.

The real story is found in the pictures. It's a wonderful opportunity for children to become involved in the story-telling process as they watch events unfold. The illustrations are delightfully simple and everything works to create the kind of "feel good" mood you get in a positive crowd experience. All but two of the full-colour illustrations are double-page spreads. The water-colours are soft pastels with enough brighter accent colours to heighten the excitement. The characters are lovable and universal; familiar scenes are depicted with warmth and humour.

Words and music are included at the back of the book.


Jane Robinson, Winnipeg, MB.

¹ Reviewed vol. XVI/March 1988, p. 57.
² Reviewed vol. XVIII/2 March 1989, p. 87.

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