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Nelson, Jenny
Toronto, Gage Educational Publishing, 1992. 32pp, paper, $7.95, ISBN 0-7715-6953-X. (Dancing Sun Books). CIP

Grades 3 to 5/Ages 8 to 10

Reviewed by Anna Santarossa

Volume 20 Number 4
1992 September

Jessica is a story-teller. One night she discovers that her stories have been lost. She hears a "tiny giggle way up in the sky" and knows that her stories have wandered to the moon. She is dismayed when her stories do not return to her. Jessica waits until the moon is full and then embarks on an incredible journey to the moon.

When she arrives on the moon, Jessica makes friends by sharing her mint tea and cookies. The Moon is eager to return Jessica's stories to her, for it claims that it hasn't had a "moment's rest" since the stories arrived.

The stories are jumbled up together and Jessica has to untangle them and put them gently into her head. Finally, a Moonbird appears to give Jessica a ride back to Earth. Content to have her stories back, Jessica happily falls asleep.

Jessica's discovery that we need to have stories in our lives touches all readers. This is a beautifully written tale. Wonderful alliteration and similes add interest and sparkle to the story. The softly muted illustrations complement the text and draw you into the story's imaginary world.

This refreshing story makes a great read-aloud and can accompany units on the moon, time or story-telling.

Anna Santarossa is a teacher-librarian at Pope John Paul II Elementary School in Bolton, Ontario.

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