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Derwing, Tracy M. and Judy Cameron
Calgary, Detselig Enterprises, 1991. 105pp, paper, $9.95, ISBN 1-55059-035-9. (An Interactive Approach to Literacy Series, vol. II). CIP

Grades 9 and up/Ages 14 and up

Reviewed by Grant Reynolds

Volume 20 Number 4
1992 September

Who Cares About the Environment? (like its companion volume. The Environment and You) is a book intended for intermediate English as a Second Language learners and native speaker literacy students. It is written at a slightly higher level, though, and could be easily adapted for used with advanced ESL learners as well.

Most of us would probably agree with the authors' contention that "the most salient content issue of the 1990s" is the environment, and this book covers a range of environmental issues from the ozone layer to vegetarians versus meat-eaters. It also includes information on levels of government and their responsibilities, how laws are passed, and Canada's role in global environmental issues, making it useful to citizenship instructors as well as ESL and literacy instructors. The authors point out that the book stresses "reading for meaning and using language to express personal views," and each of the ten units which comprise the volume uses the same five-part format: suggestions to the teachers about supplemental activities and materials, pre-reading discussions and vocabulary, reading on the topics (in a variety of text types), comprehension and discussion questions, and classroom activities (which include interactive pair and group oral activities and reading and writing tasks).

Like its companion volume, Who Cares About the Environment? is highly recommended a "must" for both teachers and students in ESL and literacy classes at secondary and adult levels.

Grant Reynolds is Head of the English as a Second Language Department at Central Technical School in Toronto, Ontario.

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