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Munsch, Robert
Illustrated by Helena Desputeaux Toronto, Annick Press, 1992. 28pp, library binding, ISBN 1-55037-255-6 (library binding) $14.95,1-55037-256-4 (paper) $4.95. Also available in French as Violet, verte et jaune. CIP.

Kindergarten to Grade 3/Ages 5 to 8

Reviewed by Jane Robinson

Volume 21 Number 1
1993 January

The newest addition to the "Munsch for Kids" series is easily digestible for both kids and parents. Robert Munsch does not stray from his story-telling trademarks predictable, repetitive story patterns designed for audience participation, zany exaggeration, and an irreverence that has made him very successful. And, as is quite common in Munsch's books, the parents play the straight guys while the kids have all the fun.

The language, style and content of Munsch's writing are comically characteristic of the average suburban family. In this story, Brigid fast-talks her reluctant mother into getting her some colouring markers. Proving her worth as a responsible artist, Brigid is able to graduate first to smelly markers and then to "super-indelible-never-come-off-till-you're-dead-and-maybe-even-later" colouring markers.

But when boredom with conventional drawing starts her off down the road to body painting, Brigid and her father, an unwilling participant, must face life as illusions of their former selves. Though an adult might find this an unsettling resolution, children did not seem to have the same need for a completely tidy ending not from Bob Munsch anyway.

Helene Desputeaux's colourful illustrations match the tone of the story. They are bright and comical and most effective when depicting the interactions between Brigid and her mother.

Purple, Green and Yellow is a fun read for children and will be a popular addition to the Munsch collection in your personal or public library.

Jane Robinson is a former teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba
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