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Nicola Morgan
Don Mills (Ont.), Oxford University Press, 1993. 34pp, paper, $5.99
ISBN 0-19-540970-1. CIP

Pre-school to Grade 2/Ages 3 to 7

Reviewed by Linda Holeman.

Volume 21 Number 4
1993 September

This is a sweet, simple story about a problem every child (and parent) can relate to - falling asleep at bedtime.

Louis finds his room dark and lonely. He wants to find a better planet, one "where the lights are on all night long." Looking out his window, he wishes on a bright star, and with a "swishity-swoosh" is whisked off through the night sky. Travelling from planet to planet, Louis touches down long enough on each one to see that it isn't exactly what he is looking for - Mercury is dry and dusty, Venus gloomy and cloud-filled, and so on - until he reaches dark, icy Pluto.

Saddened, wondering where to go next, Louis spots something... "Way off in the dis­tance a small planet twinkled like a magic blue marble in the darkness..." The little boy jour­neys towards it to discover the perfect place - Earth. Back at home, Louis's parents supply a night light (in the shape of a twinkling star) to take away the darkness of his room. A predict­able but satisfying ending for very young children.

This book is a good introduction to astronomy, briefly describing each of the nine planets in our solar system in terms suitable for the recommended age group. The illustrations are lively and appealing.

I would recommend this attractive mix of fact and fantasy for little listeners.

Linda Holeman, a former elementary teacher, now writes full time in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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