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Christopher Moore
Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, 1993. 368pp, paper, $19.99
ISBN 0-7710-6092-0. CIP


Reviewed by Brenda Reed.

Volume 21 Number 4
1993 September

Canadian educators will know the name Christopher Moore from his last book, The Story of Canada (written jointly with Janet Lunn). gave evidence of Moore's excellent research skills, and in this Ontario college guide those skills are again evident.

The reader of this guide may rest assured that Moore knows his subject thoroughly. He visited each of the twenty-three Ontario colleges of applied arts and technology (CAATs), he interviewed faculty, staff, and students, he is familiar with the Ontario education system, and you get the sense from reading this book that Moore also read every pamphlet and calendar the colleges produce.

Prospective students will be glad that Moore passes on his knowledge in such a clear and straightforward style, and that he does not just present information given him by the colleges. This is a thoughtfully written guide, and the author does not shy away from telling you his impression of each college. If he met obstacles while he was trying to find out the basic information a student would want to know, he tells you.

The book is up to date, and includes details about the major change occurring this year in the college application procedure. As far as the college offerings are concerned, the book is current to the end of 1992, and a new edition of the guide should be available in late 1994.

The guide is divided into three sections. First, the range of college options is pre­sented, with advice on how to go about narrowing your choices of programs and colleges. The second section presents information on each of the twenty-three colleges. These summaries do not replace college calendars, but they do give the reader an intelligent perspective on the school and its offerings. For each college there is a section on the campus, the programs, the city, and other details such as scholarships, and where to live. The final part of the book deals with the application procedure and money matters. There is an index of programs and the table of contents is detailed. The college descriptions are arranged alphabetically by name of college, and so are easy to locate.

All career advisors in Ontario should have this book in their resource collection, and career advisors in other provinces will probably want it as well, because it covers every Ontario CAAT at a reasonable cost. Students who are unsure about their future would do well to read Moore's comments on the options presented by Ontario colleges. I therefore highly recommend this guide for all Canadian high schools and public libraries.

Brenda Reed is the librarian at Bishop's College School in Lennoxville, Quebec.
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