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O'Meara Productions, 1991. VHS cassette, 30 min., $295.00
Includes study guide. Distributed by Winnipeg Film Group, 100 Arthur St., Winnipeg, Man. R3B 1H3.

Grades 7 to 9/Ages 12 to 14

Reviewed by C.L. Ross.

Volume 21 Number 5
1993 October

My Story is based on an original play written by two grade 6 students, Melissa Greening and Brad Johnson. This is an adaptation and expansion of that play, which does full justice to the story of "Jane," a young woman who used and abused drugs.

"Jane" told her story to these young writers in a series of taped interviews, and they in their turn have done a magnificent job of bringing her story to life on the stage. The message is very clear about the seduction of drugs and the insidious danger of following the crowd and succumbing to peer pressure, instead of being your own person. The youngster who played Jane did a superb job in her role, and the video reaches out to its intended audience magnificently. Peers speaking to peers is an exceedingly eloquent way to "tell it like it is."

I thought the producers overdid the lowered lighting effects a little; however, this did not detract in any real way from all that was offered here. I particularly liked the enactment of the real Jane listening to her own portrayal; it added a dimension of realism that was hard to beat. As well, the honesty with which the difficulties of being in a drug recovery program were expressed was wonderful to hear. There was no whitewashing here and I really admired that.

If you want to hear kids tell other kids how to "just say no!" this is the video for you. It is worth your while to add it to your collection as there seem to be so few re­sources out there that let the people who are really involved with the problem say their piece.


C.L. Ross is a librarian with the Okanagan Regional Library in Kelowna, British Columbia.
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