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Bondar, Barbara with Roberta Bondar
Toronto, Greey de Pencier/Books from OWL, 1993. 64pp, paper, ISBN 1-895688-10-8 (paper) $9.95
ISBN 1-895688-12-4 (cloth $16.95. Distributed by Firefly Books. CIP

Grades 3 to 8/Ages 8 to 13

Reviewed by Carol Carver

Volume 21 Number 6
1993 November

Experience the thrills and trials of being a member of a space shuttle crew in On the Shuttle. Barbara Bondar, a consultant, author of educational books and former teacher-librarian, takes the reader on a journey aboard Discovery with her sister, Roberta Bondar, Canada's first female astronaut.

The book follows a day-by-day format from preparation and lift-off through eight days in space to final touch-down. A wealth of information is given: details on crew members, tasks, specialized clothing, eating, sleeping and other bodily functions (about which kids and adults are curious). The first International Microgravity Laboratory, where Bondar and another scientist conducted experiments, is shown.

Measurements are given in metric (imperial in brackets) and statistics are clarified. For example, the crew feel 3 Gs before breaking free of gravity, which is like having "a full-grown gorilla sitting on your chest." The table of contents and index are clear. The many photographs and diagrams, along with the colourful graphics, make the book attractive to view and easy to read. It would have been helpful to include how the crew members were chosen and to illustrate orbits with a North American rather than a European map.

Highly recommended for all libraries.

Carol Carver is a primary teacher at Dieppe School in Winnipeg, Manitoba
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