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John Acorn and Dale Russell
Illustrated by Ely Kish Toronto, Somerville House, 1993. 170pp, book, bones, egg and poster, $13.95
ISBN 0-921051-82-4. (The Tiny Perfect Dinosaur series). CIP

Subject Headings:
Tyrannosaurus rex-Juvenile literature.
Dinosaurs-Juvenile literature.

Preschool-gade 6 / Ages 4-11

Reviewed by Pat Steenbergen

Volume 22 Number 4
1994 September

This is John Acorn's second book in the series following Presenting Leptoceratops¹, also written with Dale Russell, world-renowned paleontologist with the Canadian Museum of Nature and author of at least five books on the dinosaurs of this period. The illustrations and model skeleton are by Ely (Eleanor) Kish, an internationally known "paleoartist" who was chosen to produce a 14 x 150 foot mural for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton was modelled by her from bones at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa.

Although the accompanying booklet is small, the author has distilled the information about Tyrannosaurus rex and includes most of the important information as well as pointing out areas where paleontologists disagree (speed, stance). This is also one of the few books to provide an outline of how the small arm of the Tyrannosaurus might have been used.

The model is beautifully detailed with a movable head and jaw. Assembly instructions are on the back of the poster. Young children will need some assistance pressing the pieces together. Illustrations are clear and amplify the text. There is no index, but the book is short, and the contents page can serve as an index. Librarians will have to repackage the kit, as the model does not easily come apart once assembled. The set would be useful in a classroom where the model could be left standing.

Recommended for purchase by individual teachers for their classes or by parents.

Pat Steenbergen is a job sharing librarian in the Professional Library for the staff of the Board of Education for the City of York in Toronto, Ontario

¹ Reviewed vol. XX/3 May 1992, p. 164.

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