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Brenda Silsbe
Illustrated by Alice Priestley
Toronto, Annick Press, 1994. 32pp, paper,
ISBN 1-55037-312-9 (paper) $5.95,
ISBN 1-55037-313-7 (library binding) $15.95.
Distributed by Firefly Books. CIP

Kindergarten-grade 2 / Ages 5-7

Reviewed by Pat Butler

Volume 22 Number 4
1994 September

This is the dreamlike story of a girl who washes up on a beach and can't remember who she is or where she comes from. Two walkers, Mumblety and Peg, ask her to come live with them at their volcano where they run the waterslides and the hot springs. They already have three lost children--one they dug up in the ash heap, one who shot out of a volcano, and one who blew in on a gale. The girl declines the offer as she doesn't know anything about them but promises to think about it until the next day.

During the night she dreams of floating through the ocean, flying through the air and going down the waterslides. When she awakes, she knows her home is the sea and promises to live at the volcano every other day while building her boat.

Priestley's delicate artwork in coloured pencils contributes to the overall musing aspect of the story. The muted tones lend an air of peacefulness.

Interpretation of the story is varied, depending on the age of the reader/listener, but Winning the Girl of the Sea is most often thought to be about finding friends. The title escapes many.

This is a reasonable addition to the collection.

Pat Butler is a freelance librarian in Toronto, Ontario

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