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Martyn Godfrey
Toronto, Scholastic Canada, 1994.144pp, paper, $4.50 CIP
ISBN 0-59073081-9.

Grades 4-8 / Ages 9-13

Reviewed by Norma Charles

Volume 22 Number 5
1994 October

In another sure winner by this popular writer of more than two dozen books for children, Martyn Godfrey has included all the necessary ingredients. There is lots of peppy, authentic-sounding dialogue, attractive, believable characters, and a familiar inner-city setting, as well as a fast-paced, action-packed, quite complex plot.

The main character, Boom Boom Bortorowski, is the biggest and toughest eighth grade student in school, but, if he wants to remain part of the "JAWS mob" and continue to have access to the school's computer lab, he must keep his fiery temper in check. We follow him from one adventure to another as he loses his cool and dumps juice on his friend's head, discovers the access code for a forbidden computer program which controls the local fun fair, falls from the bridge roof to the feet of a girl he's been secretly admiring, meets another very attractive girl when he attends the opening of an art show at the art gallery, and sneaks into a haunted mansion with two friends where they encounter a couple of thieves who are pursuing them.

By that point the reader is reeling and wondering how the writer will be able to bind all these aspects into a satisfying conclusion. But Godfrey manages to come through and cleverly ties up all the loose ends in a dramatic climax at the fun fair where he has our hero's valiant efforts save the day and win the heart of the pretty maiden (as well as the heart of the reader).

Highly recommended.

Norma Charles is a teacher-librarian at Henderson Annex in Vancouver, British Columbia

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