CM May 10, 
1996. Vol. II, Number 30

image "The Reluctant Deckhand"
     Teacher's Guide for the Novel and Film.

Vancouver: Pacific Educational Press/National Film Board, 1995. 36pp, paper, 5.95.
ISBN: 1-895766-15-X.

Review by Leslie Millar.


THIS THIRTY-SIX-PAGE guide to reading and viewing The Reluctant Deckhand (the novel and film are also reviewed in this issue) was created by a team of educators and consultants. It points out the broad curricular connections that can be made between the book or film and language arts, social studies, science, math, and art classes. It states the big ideas in the novel and film -- like meeting challenges, and changing and growing as a result. The teacher's guide also describes several specific activities that can be done in class after reading or viewing and discussion.

     The activities suggested are developed within four themes:

The activities could be implemented within this theme structure or individually, as the teacher desires. Two black-line masters for animation and storyboard activity are included.

     The themes and activities have been thoughtfully developed. Of the many suggestions in the guide, several are sure to be useful, or the source of inspiration for teachers or students to develop other ideas.


The Reluctant Deckhand novel:
122pp, paper, 8.95
ISBN: 1-895766-01-X

"The Reluctant Deckhand" Teacher's Guide:
36pp, paper, 5.95
ISBN: 1-895766-15-X
NFB Order Number: 919

The Reluctant Deckhand video and teacher's guide.
ISBN: 1-895766-09-05
NFB Order Number: 9195 141

The Reluctant Deckhand package (novel, video, and teacher's guide)
ISBN: 1-895766-11-7

Leslie Millar is a substitute teacher and volunteer in Winnipeg schools.

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