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Jellybean Mouse. (Happy the Pocket Mouse, Bk. II).

Philip Roy. Art by Andrea Torrey Balsara.
Vancouver, BC: Ronsdale Press, 2014.
32 pp., hardcover, $11.95.
ISBN 978-1-55380-344-7.

Preschool-grade 1 / Ages 3-6.

Review by Sherry Faller.

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“Sorry, Happy. I have only enough quarters to wash our clothes.”

“You don’t need money to wash clothes, John. You only need soap.”

“The machines need quarters, Happy.”

“They take money too?”


“Hmmmf! Oh well…then just give me one quarter.”

“Sorry, Happy, I need them all.”


Happy the mouse is bored and not at all excited about going to the laundromat with his human, John. He tries unsuccessfully to divert John from the task by suggesting things like looking for treasure or bowling. However, they make it to the laundromat where Happy is immediately intrigued by the jellybean machine. Because John has no extra money, Happy looks under and behind machines until he finds a quarter. As those candy machines often do, it refuses to give up any jellybeans, and so John has to unfortunately resort to shaking it. Jellybeans by the hundreds spill out, and the trip is a success.

     This second book in the “Happy the Pocket Mouse” series is as delightful as the first, Mouse Tales and sure to entertain small children with its lively banter back and forth between Happy and John. The digital illustrations are colourful and imaginative. Happy’s comical expressions hilariously mimic those of a bored child wanting some excitement in his day.

      Written completely in dialogue format, Jellybean Mouse demands to be read aloud in two voices or perhaps by two readers, each taking the role of one of the characters. Any child who has had to tag along while a parent does chores will relate to Happy’s boredom, resilient behaviour and creativity. This enjoyable book is recommended for all mouse-lovers.


Sherry Faller is a retired teacher-librarian in Winnipeg, MB.

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