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Wild One.

Jane Whittingham. Illustrated by Noel Tuazon.
Toronto, ON: Pajama Press, 2017.
24 pp., hardcover, $16.95.
ISBN 978-1-77278-036-9.

Subject Headings:
Bedtime-Juvenile fiction.
Imagination-Juvenile fiction.
Stories in rhyme.

Preschool / Ages 1-4.

Review by Tamara Opar.

**** /4



Wild one, through the grass, bounding like a puppy.
Wild one, at the pool, swimming like a guppy.
Wild one, heading home, crawling like a snail.


Jane Whittingham’s story of an animated little girl’s day is bursting with playful energy and joy. Reading through the story, readers follow the little “wild girl” through her jam-packed day of activities. The little girl uses her playful and wild imagination to mimic the actions of the animals that she pretends to be while playing. This charming little girl is certainly a typical preschooler who approaches life with curiosity and splendor as the world is new and has so much to explore. Finally, the child wears herself out and ends the day safely and snuggly at home.

     The story is fun to read with children as it is written with rhyming couplets which, along with the illustrations, may help children guess what the next animal will be. The delightful illustrations by Noel Tuazon are presented in watercolour and ink. They are as spontaneous and whimsical as the little girl’s character and help tell the story of her very busy day by their expression of energy in colour and movement.

     This story encourages children to use their own imaginations during story time and play. Within a group, children can mimic the animals along with the little girl in the story. They can “clap like a seal” or “bound like a puppy”, although I wonder what they might come up with for “hanging like a bat”.

     Wild One is quite durable as it has a padded cover, rounded corners and extra heavy interior paper. Great for little ones who may not be quite so gentle with books just yet.

Highly Recommended.

Tamara Opar is Section Head of Children’s and Teen Services at the Millennium Branch of Winnipeg Public Library.

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