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All About Anne.

Anne Frank House. Illustrated by Huck Scarry.
Toronto, ON: Second Story Press, 2018.
72 pp., trade pbk., $24.95.
ISBN 978-1-77260-060-5.

Grades 4-8 / Ages 9-13.

Review by Carmelita Cechetto-Shea.


Reviewed from an Advanced Copy.



Anne turned thirteen on Friday 12 June 1942. She was given
something she had wanted very badly and was allowed to
choose herself: a diary.

All About Anne, created by the Anne Frank House, is an outstanding nonfiction resource for further investigation into the life of a young girl who captured the hearts of those around the world who read the The Diary of Anne Frank. This thoroughly researched book takes Anne's story, fills in the missing pieces in context, and creates a much larger overview of the life and times of this young girl during World War II and what eventually became known as the Holocaust. As years have passed since World War II, military veterans and Holocaust survivors who lived during this time period are becoming smaller in numbers. Their witness of such a horrific time period needs to be continually documented for future generations.

internal art      All About Anne takes readers beyond The Diary of Anne Frank into her world, her life, family, before and beyond her time in hiding. Historically, this book is a "work of art" to be used in conjunction with the diary as a supplement and resource that might respond to the questions of children who have read The Diary and want more information. All About Anne will not replace The Diary, but it can fill in the blanks of Anne's home, her family, and what happened after Anne's discovery in hiding and her arrest.

      Anne Frank House has created a book that makes Anne's life come alive throughout as a complement to the text found in The Diary of Anne Frank. Readers learn more about the Franks' life after World War II and about the people who hid Anne, a very important aspect of the courage, compassion and integrity of those willing to help, those willing to risk their own lives to save others.

internal art      All About Anne is filled with illustrations, photos and charts, and illustrator Huck Scarry has taken words, the text, and given life to each word. From photos of Anne's early life, to drawings representing the time in hiding, to the photos of Anne's father's return and his learning of the diary, All About Anne portrays the life of a young girl known around the world, a girl who perished in the concentration camps built by the Nazis. The book mentions these camps, but there are no photos depicting the atrocities of those horrid places; this book is about Anne. Illustrations provide readers with a larger glimpse into the bookcase, Anne's hiding place (known as the Secret Annex), and the detailed plumbing for the toilet used by Anne.

      All About Anne came about because of the multitude of questions asked by visitors at the Anne Frank house. The Anne Frank Foundation felt an obligation to answer some of the questions asked over the years about Anne, her life, and her destiny. As with any book, especially those of historical content, readers may discover more questions as they read the book. Unfortunately, with the severity and massive topic as the Holocaust and the persecution of the Jews, there will always be questions. All About Anne offers a peek into only one story, one life, but it is a story that will transcend barriers, languages, and humanity. All About Anne is an excellent resource for schools, religious groups, families, or anyone who wishes for history to not repeat itself. If it was only that simple.

Highly Recommended.

Carmelita Cechetto-Shea is the Library Consultant for the Cape Breton Regional Centre for Education.

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