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The United Nations CyberSchoolBus

The internet-based global education program of the United Nations, the CyberSchoolBus, will be launched into a new orbit on Friday January 10, 1997. After a successful first phase this past fall, the CyberSchoolBus is coming around again with a new set of programs and a faster download time.

The new features, according to the CyberSchoolBus producers, will make the site more interactive, the projects will make greater use of e-mail and there will be more dialogue among students around the world as well as between students and experts in the field. For example, a new curriculum on infectious diseases, planned for the end of March, will take place in collaboration with the World Health Organization's regional offices so that students will be able to make inquiries via e-mail into specific situations in New Delhi or Copenhagen. The health curriculum, "Fighting Disease", will coincide with events organized for World Health Day.

In another project called "Country Focus" students will be able to pick two countries and the CyberSchoolBus will take them there. On a virtual ride, of course: a package of information, activities, images, live chats and possibly even music, relating to the chosen countries will be presented on-line.

Other additions to the site include a section devoted to elementary schools, a "Quiz Quad" for short, quick questions, an expanded resource area and a Model U.N. forum.

The project can be accessed at http://www.un.org/pubs/cyberschoolbus

For more information, please contact Abouali Farmanfarmaian.

The Impact of Technology


One of the burning questions regarding the use of technology in education is "Does technology (computers, multimedia, the Internet, etc.) improve the education of K-12 students?" This page pulls together resources that will help educators answer this question.

Over thirty online resources have been compiled under the following categories:

Suggested sites from the NBNSOFT Content Awards Ejournal

An Electronic Discussion for Digital Librarians

DigLibns is a place to discuss practical digital library issues and problems and the impact of technology on library jobs and the profession. If the library profession is to survive as the primary interface to information in any format then libraries must retool, retrain, and reinvent.

The DigLibns electronic discussion is for the discussion of issues relating to digital librarianship. Although the discussion is primarily aimed toward librarians and library staff involved in building digital collections or maintaining digital services, anyone is welcome to join the discussion.

To subscribe to the list send the message
sub diglibns YOUR NAME
to listserv@sunsite.berkeley.edu


Web66 - Web use in the Classroom

After a year-long absence, the Web66 Mailing List has been revived. The Web66 mailing list is for discussion of web use in the classroom, primarily focused on schools that are implementing and supporting their own web sites.

To subscribe to Web66 send E-mail to Listserv@tc.umn.edu with the BODY of the mail containing the command
SUB WEB66 yourfirstname yourlastname


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