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cover Artists' Workshop Series.

Clare Roundhill and Penny King. Edited by Bobbie Kalman.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON: Crabtree Publishers, 1966. 32 pp., hardcover, $17.56 each.

Animals ISBN 0-86505-851-2.
Landscapes ISBN 0-86505-853-9.
Portraits ISBN 0-86505-850-4.
Stories ISBN 0-86505-852-0.

Grades 3 - 9 / Ages 8 - 14.
Review by Grace Shaw.

**** /4

cover Crabtree Publishing has created a feast for the eyes in its beautiful and imaginative Artists' Workshop Series of "how to create art" books for young aspirants of ages eight to fourteen. Written by Penny King and Clare Roundhill, these books - Portraits, Animals, Stories, and Landscapes - will have great appeal to teen and preteen artists and their parents. Paintings and models of art through the ages by renowned artists and young children have been incorporated into these delightful books: works of art themselves. The style is simple but informative with prescriptive sections. All four books are instructional and, along with ideas, directions and examples, contain historical exotica of art and artists. cover

      Portraits displays six historic and modern portraits as "starting points for exploring various artistic techniques." Mosaics, self portraits, sculptures and photos give ideas to borrow and explore, and also provide inspiration and instruction to create new personal art. Picasso and Van Gogh would probably be proud to be part of this book.

      Animals might be a first choice for younger creators. It features cats and kangaroos, reptiles and tigers, as well as Aboriginal and stone age art models and ideas. The book provides examples of many mediums, such as paint, tissue and clay, as well as how to mix and use them, and other great tips.

      Landscapes may be the most beautiful of the series and could be appropriate for mid-teens. Impressionists and realists help the reader create a volcano, a sunrise or an alien planet.

      Along with Stories, this series of books - perhaps a tad expensive for some families - would make a great gift from aunts and grandparents. Libraries and schools should own them. Buy one or all.

Highly recommended.

Grace Shaw is an instructor at Vancouver Community College.

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