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For over ninety years, Booklist has been a librarian's bible of sorts, chock-ful of reviews of the latest book releases. The American Library Association's Booklist has now entered the electronic age not only via its launch onto the Web, but it now also includes reviews of the latest electronic media releases too. Browse over and you'll be able to view recently-selected reviews, feature articles, or consult a newly developed cumulative index that's not available in Booklist's print counterpart. Reviews are refreshed on a bi-weekly basis and are offered in categories such as Books for Adults, Audiovisual Media, and Reference Materials - plus back issues are available, dating back to January 1, 1996.

From the NOVAE GROUP Teachers Networking for the Future

Virtual Global Learner Centre


The Virtual Global Learner Centre is a B.C. site providing online resources for teachers interested in developing a global education theme within their curricula. Topics include food security, human rights, peace and conflict resolution, gender equity and multiculturalism.

You can browse through a set of activities that can be used in the classroom, link to resources, participate in discussions, or make use of VIDEA's (the Victoria International Development Education Association) researchers to get further information on global education.

Elimination of Racial Discrimination


March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The "Racism: Stop It" web site, from the Canadian Federal Government (Heritage/Multiculturalism), offers lesson plans, links to other anti-racism sites, and information about how students can submit their own "stop racism" videos to a national competition.

The site is mirrored in the French language.

Pathways to School Improvement


NCREL's Pathways to School Improvement web site recently added "Critical Issue: Finding Time for Professional Development." This issue explores the vital concern of how to carve out time, opportunity, and other resources teachers need to realize the vision of education reform. Creating professional development opportunities that educators need in order to help all students achieve the ambitious learner goals of reform will require the support and ideas of everyone. This multimedia document helps your school or district figure out where to find the time and provides examples from schools who have made some inroads.

This is the latest entry to the Pathways web site. Pathways is directed at school improvement teams or individuals working to foster meaningful learning for their students. Other topics include technology planning, parent involvement, assessment, math and science education, educating "at risk" youngsters, and safe and drug-free schools. A timesaver, Pathways summarizes research and provides practical examples for applying research.

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