________________ CM . . . . Volume III Number 4 . . . . October 18, 1996

cover After Paradise.

Janis Rapoport.
Toronto: Simon and Pierre, 1996. 94 pages, paper, $16.99.
ISBN 0-88924-272-0.

Grades 11 and up / Ages 16 and up.
Review by Deborah Mervold.



There's a ribbon of mist in front of the trees
on the far side of the harbour. It passes
through sailboats and wraps gulls scanning for food.
A foghorn groans from up the coast
across bird shrieks and engines. The ribbon spreads
toward the city, binding the grey water
to the grey sky.

A click of the camera can't take the rest
of this picture: we too are wrapped in damp spice
and the tang of the sea, our summer faces on the dock.
Shall we eat fog sandwiches?

Purcell's Cove (page 17)

Janis Rapaport This is Ms Rapoport's fifth book of poetry. The variety of subjects, from fossils, tourists, oysters, parrots, adventurers, angels, to ghosts; and, the variety of length, made this an enjoyable volume to read. The poems ranged from prose-like narratives to three line thoughts. The word choice added to the descriptive nature of the work. The poems also varied in voice, from first person singular, to first person plural to third person. The poet was present in the words through her memories and imagination.

space The volume was divided into four sections: Borders, In the Carousel of Space, Ghosts and Angels, and After Paradise. The number of poems varied in each section but spoke to a personal side of the poet. Geographical locations were often brought to mind. The binding, print and page quality were suitable to the collection.

space The poems were reflective as well as a cause for reflection making this a volume that could be read and shared with poetry and prose lovers. Because of the variety of poems included in this volume it would be very suitable for public and personal libraries.


Deborah Mervold is a teacher librarian in a grade 6 to 12 school, and a Grade 12 English teacher at Shellbrook Composite High School.

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