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cover Nunavut Territory, Canada.

Gjoa Haven.
Nunavut: Central Arctic Services (P.O. Box 115, Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, X0E 1J0).
1 CD-ROM, 2000. $149.00 for a single copy and site license.
For DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, MacIntosh.
Requirements: Internet Browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer).

Subject Headings:
Nunavut-Social life and customs.

Grades 8 and up / Ages 13 and up.

Review by Joanne Peters.

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Although one of Canada's most ancient settlements, Nunavut was recognized as Canada's most recent political territory on April 1, 1999. This CD-ROM product is one of the many resources that has been produced to respond to curricular needs for teaching about Nunavut. Nunavut Territory, Canada, like the territory itself, covers a large amount of area. The contents include an historical overview of the territory and its peoples, a series of interactive maps, perspectives both on traditional and modern life-styles, a compendium of Arctic flora and fauna, information on the Inuktitut language, a directory of Nunavut schools, a miscellany of various Arctic-related subject areas (ranging from permafrost to the Franklin expedition), and a photo gallery. Trying to cover such a breadth of material is ambitious, and not all of the material is equal in depth of coverage. Certainly, this CD provides material not easily accessed with other research tools: particularly strong are the sections on Nunavut's history, the peoples who have inhabited the territory, and "yesterday and today" which profiles traditional and current life. It is easy to navigate and provides links within the CD, as well as Internet web-site links. Although the information in each section is well-organized, the CD lacks a sense of continuity, perhaps the result of trying to include as much information as possible. Compared to many other reference CD's, Nunavut Territory is not particularly flashy and lacks a sense of unified design, both in text and graphics. Audio clips of Inuktitut phrases are included, but even with the volume controls turned up as high as possible, I found the sound quiet and hard to hear. As well, there are disparities in levels of language within the written text: some sections seemed written for senior high school students, while others seemed more appropriate to middle school students.

      Should you buy the CD for your school's collection? That depends--the CD's price includes an unlimited site license, making it available to a large number of patrons. If your school offers courses in Arctic studies, Canadian Geography, or Native Studies, the CD might have a place in your collection. As with all software, preview before purchase.

Recommended with Reservations.

Joanne Peters is the teacher-librarian at Kelvin High School in Winnipeg, MB.

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