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Gap Year

It has become quite popular in some parts of the world for students, after High School, to take a year to work or travel and thus gain some experience before embarking on their chosen academic or work life.  One good use of this year is to strengthen oneself spiritually in the Orthodox faith before facing the adult world with all its practical and spiritual challenges.

St. Andrew’s College has a very strong and comprehensive program of Theological studies to prepare candidates for the priesthood in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, but the College also has designed a one-year certificate in Theology which can be useful as part of a good preparation for an active life in the Church.

St. Andrew’s College invites all those who have a one-year “gap” before university studies, or even more mature students who would like to study Theology after a life of work and before retirement, to consider coming to St. Andrew’s College for the one-year certificate.

The certificate in Theology year of studies at St. Andrew’s College would bring many benefits:

  1. A spiritual and Christ-centered preparation for the rest of your life. “Therefore take up the whole armor of God…” (  Eph. 6:13).
  2. Theological knowledge which would help you to teach Sunday school or work with youth in our parishes or at summer camps.
  3. Meet other like-minded people while living in a Ukrainian Orthodox environment.
  4. An opportunity to seek spiritual guidance as you choose your path in life.
  5. Academic guidance to work through the myriad of academic and career choices presented to a post-secondary student.
  6. An opportunity to “Come and see” (John 1:46). Maybe when you take the introductory courses in Theology, you will see how these studies could become part of your life.  Possibly, you will want to continue in Theology at St. Andrew’s College or in the excellent courses in the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies or the University of Manitoba.
  7. It is possible that during this Christ-centered “gap year” you will hear the call of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and follow Him and begin a life-long journey serving Him in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as a lay-leader or a priest.  As we hear the words of the Orthodox Liturgy: “…let us commend ourselves and one another, and all our life, into Christ Our God.”

All men and women, young and old, are sincerely invited to come to St. Andrew’s College for the one-year Certificate program.  For further information or application forms please contact St. Andrew’s College at (204) 474-8895 or st_andrews@umanitoba.ca.

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