The University of Manitoba


Dr. Fr. Oleh Krawchenko

St. Andrew’s College Faculty member Rt. Rev. Dr. Fr. Oleh Krawchenko recently completed his term as President of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts & Sciences in Canada – UVAN. Fr. Krawchenko served as President from May 2001 until the Triennial General Meeting of UVAN in May 2004.

In his capacity as President of UVAN, Fr. Krawchenko served on the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, where he chaired the “Vision Quest” Steering Committee. He also represented UVAN as Vice-President of the World Scholarly Council for the Ukrainian World Congress, and presided at two national conferences of UVAN at the Canadian Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities – in Toronto in May 2002, and most recently in Winnipeg in May 2004, hosted by St. Andrew’s College.

Fr. Krawchenko will continue to serve on the Presidium of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Canada - UVAN as Past President.


Rt. Rev. Fr. Dr. Oleh Krawchenko teaches the following courses at St. Andrew’s College:
PA.124 Patristics
DT.131 Dogmatics
ET.235 Ethics
LI.340 Liturgical Theology
LI.341 Liturgics
LI.440 Liturgical Theology