Announcers & Other Broadcasters (5231)

University of Manitoba

-National Occupation Classification


-Working in Canada - Winnipeg report


-Occupational Outlook Handbook - Job outlook for U.S.


      -Reporters, Correspondents, Broadcast News Analyst



Alberta Learning Information Service -OCCinfo 

    -Occupational Video: Broadcast Meteorologist 

    -Occupational Video: Announcer


-O*NET -detailed occupational information (U.S.)


-North American Broadcasters Association


-Canadian Association of Broadcasters

      -Employment Opportunities in the Canadian Broadcasting
and Affiliated Production Sector

-Colleges and University Programs in Canada - from Queen's Film & Media

-Manitoba Arts & Cultural Industries Association - Information on Broadcasting  

-Canadian Broadcast Standards Council

-Film & Broadcasting - from the Cultural Human Resources Council   

-National Association of Broadcasters (U.S.)


-The Riley Guide - Links to Employment in the Broadcast Field


-The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA)

Updated: March 16, 2017