Alumni Profiles

We asked a few Alumni for updates, here is what they said:


Natalie Baird   Riley Hole   Scott Kehler
B.Env.Sc. (Hons.), 2014   B.Sc.PhG.(Maj.), 2014    B.Sc. PhG.(Hons.), 2015,
M.Sc., 2017
Keji Olaleye   Mark Intertas   Dr. C. J. Mundy
B.Sc.G.Sc.(Hons.), 2008,
M.Sc., 2011
  B.A.Geog.(Adv.), 2012    B.Sc.(Hons.), 1997,
M.A., 2000,
Ph.D., 2007
Alison Murata   Jackie Schollie   Ryan Sharpe
B.Env.Sc.(Hons.) Co-op, 2010   B.Env.St.(Maj.) Co-op, 2011    B.Sc.G.Sc.(Hons.), 2010,
M.Sc., 2013
Dr. Ryan Brook   Vicki Latter   Somia Sadiq
M.N.R.M. 2001,
Ph.D. (Geography) 2008
  B.Env.St.(Hons.) Co-op, 2011   B.Env.Sc.(Hons.) Co-op, 2006 
Marvic Abarra   Dr. Brent Else
  Jeff Willows
B.A.Geog., 2012   Ph.D. (Geography) 2012   B.A.Geog.(Hons.), 2009
 Alex Chojno        
Alexander Chojno        
B.Sc.G.Sc.(Maj), 2014        


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