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Interesting weather events



  • September 6, 2007 cold front that blasted through southern Alberta
  • October 5, 2005 snowstorm that dumped up to 45 cm of snow across southern Manitoba
  • October 6 - 8, 2004 classic cyclogenesis off the west coast of Canada, from baroclinic leaf to occlusion
  • November 1 - 5, 2004 a chinook event--multi-day--in Alberta
  • November 8, 2004 freezing rain north of Edmonton
  • November 10, 2004 snowsqualls off the Manitoba lakes
  • November 29 - December 1, 2004 strong front slicing across the prairies



Non-Prairie weather

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Interesting weather imagery

RADAR imagery

Satellite imagery

Both RADAR and satellite imagery

Pictures and other stuff

  • Airmass identification - a series of tephigrams showing remarkable similarities
  • Dryline - a dryline in western Alberta
  • Pilot Mound tornado - a multi-vortex tornado, later rated an F2, in southern Manitoba on July 2, 2005
  • Snow drifts moving - snow drifts moving like sand dunes in southern Manitoba on January 20, 2014
  • Tornadic supercells - a family of supercells in North Dakota chased by a few of the staff members of the PASPC-Winnipeg
  • Wind storm - a wind storm on Baffin Island in Nunavut on January 7-8, 2014
  • If you have any interesting weather pictures or video you would like posted on this site, email us and tell us about it

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Weather learning and training

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Weather conferences and meetings

Miscellaneous weather science information

  • University of Manitoba AERI comparisons against XWI observed soundings as well as RUC and GEM forecast soundings
  • Is it worthwhile for meteorologists to alter automated extended forecasts? Here is a paper suggesting an answer to this question

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