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Canadian RADARs

American and worldwide RADARs

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Satellite pictures

Satellite pictures

  • PASPC Multispectral Composite Imagery
  • COD satellite imagery
  • Satellite imagery on UNBC's weather viewer
  • GHCC visible, IR, water vapour
  • NCAR visible, IR, water vapour, multispectral
  • RAMSDIS visible, IR, water vapour, multispectral, sounder
  • RAMMB various real and synthetic (WRF) imagery
  • Tropical storm imagery
  • POES in high-resolution colour
  • National Weather Association (NWA) Remote Sensing Committee a long list of weather satellite imagery on the internet
  • CIMSS upper air analyses
  • GOES sounding information
  • GOES sounder information
  • Convective initiation products
  • Fire detection from NOAA
  • Interesting imagery from NOAA
  • CIMSS satellite blog
  • Landsast

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    Weather bulletins

    Weather outlooks and discussions


    Southern Manitoba Northern Manitoba Southern Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan Southern Alberta Northern Alberta

    Other bulletins

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    Surface observations

    Observation maps now with warnings included, at Canadian sites
    Miscellaneous observations Montana obs North Dakota obs Minnesota obs

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    Surface analyses

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    Live personal weather stations

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    Upper air

    Upper air observations

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    Upper air plots and analyses

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    Upper air profilers

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    BC Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Québec New Brunswick USA Worldwide

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    Model output

    Multi-model pages

    Canadian GEM

    HRRR (high-resolution rapid refresh)







    Convective model output

    Model soundings

    MOS/UMOS/PP/analog guidance

    Ensemble model output

    Model comparisons

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    Information integration data links

    Data displays

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    Tropical storm links

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