Riddell Faculty Seminar Series Presents:

2011/2012 Flood Impacts on Lake St. Martin First Nation

Myrle Ballard Ph.D., Ryan Klatt and Dr. Shirley Thompson,
Natural Resources Institute,
University of Manitoba

October 26th, 2012
2:30 - 3:30 pm

Room 218 Wallace Building

Please join us for the pre-release of a riveting movie (25 minutes) made by NRI film-makers called "Flooding Hope: The Lake St. Martin Story".

Lake St. Martin First Nation is a community situated in the Interlake region of Manitoba that was permanently displaced due to the 2011 flood. Flooding has a long history there starting with the water control structure constructed in 1961 and worsened by the construction of the Portage Diversion in 1971. Flood impacts reached critical levels with the 2011/2012 high water levels on the lake and the multi-million dollar water channel being placed right beside their reserve. Lake St. Martin First Nation was once a thriving community: the community people engaged in the agriculture and fishing industry for their livelihoods on their ancestral lands until the flooding. This film highlights flood impacts on political, environmental, social, cultural and economic aspects as well as the role of the provincial government.