Veterinary Program

Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Section 5:
Program Requirements

5.8 Pre-Veterinary Program
A pre-veterinary program is offered to students who plan to take the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Pre-veterinary students whose academic standing is acceptable may be admitted to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. Acceptance into the Western College of Veterinary Medicine from the pre-veterinary program at the University of Manitoba is normally restricted to residents of Manitoba. Students from outside Manitoba may be accepted as residents of their own province or country. Students entering the pre-veterinary program are responsible for establishing their residence status.

Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon
Two full years of university training are required for admission comprised of 30 hours from University 1 and 30 hours in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, during which credit must be secured in the number of courses considered a standard load in the curriculum in which they are obtained. The deadline for applications is December.

he program of Pre-Veterinary study must include one full course in each of: English*, Physics, Biochemistry, Mathematics or Statistics; one half course in Microbiology, one and a half full courses in Biology or Zoology (including genetics), Chemistry (including organic chemistry); plus electives sufficient to complete two full years. (*This requirement can also be met by taking AGRI 2030 Technical Communications, and one half course in philosophy.)

The following program is designed to meet the above requirements within the constraints of present course offerings. Some modifications may be possible.

Courses Credit Hours
First Year/University 1
CHEM 1300 University 1 Chemistry: Structure and Modelling in Chemistry 3
CHEM 1320 University 1 Chemistry: An Introduction to Organic Chemistry 3
MATH 1680 Mathematical Science for Agricultural and Related Sciences 6
AGRI 1500 Natural Resources and Primary Agricultural Production 3
AGRI 1510 Production, Distribution and Utilization of Agricultural Products 3
BIOL 1020 Biology 1: Principles and Themes 3
BIOL 1030 Biology 2: Biological Diversity, function and Interactions 3
ENGL 1200*
ENGL 1300*
Representative Literary Works

Literature Since 1900



Total credit hours 30
In place of ENGL 1200 or ENGL 1300, Technical Communications (AGRI 2030) may be taken in second year; and one of the following Philosophy courses: PHIL 1290, PHIL 2740, PHIL 2750, PHIL 2830.
Second Year
CHEM 1310 University 1 Chemistry: An Introduction to Physical Chemistry 3
CHEM 2770
(MBIO 2770)
Elements of Biochemistry 1 3
CHEM 2780
(MBIO 2780)
Elements of Biochemistry 2 3
PHYS 1020 General Physics 1 3
PHYS 1030 General Physics 2 3
PLNT 2520 Genetics 3
MBIO 2100 General Microbiology A 3

Electives (see note* above) 9
Total credit hours 30