Scentless Chamomile

This weed is an annual, biennial to short-lived perennial, reproducing by seeds. The stems are erect, up to 1m tall, smooth, and multi-branched. The leaves are alternate, finely divided into thread-like segments, mostly sessile, dark green, and scentless when crushed. The flowers are daisy-like. The heads are radiate; white ray florets around the margin and yellow tubular florets in the center. The seeds are small, 2 mm long, slightly grooved, dark brown, and may have a small pappus.

Scentless chamomile can produce up to 300,000 seeds per plant and thrives in solonetzic soils. The seed survives for long periods in undisturbed soil.

Scouting Techniques
Scout roadsides, waste areas, and the edges of sloughs and water courses for patches of this weed because the seed is light weight and floats readily on water. Take a minimum of 20 weed counts across the field.

Effects on Crop Quality
Directly affects the development of field crops by competition.

Threshold/Yield Loss

Control Tips

  • Group 4 herbicides
  • Group 2 (Refine Extra)