Soil Science Graduate Students' Association (SSGSA)

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The SSGSA is the student-run association representing M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in the Department of Soil Science at the University of Manitoba.  The SSGSA acts on behalf of Soil Science graduate students at meetings held by the Soil Science Departmental Council, the University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association (GSA), and the Manitoba Soil Science Society (MSSS).  The SSGSA promotes education in Soil Science by supporting the MSSS summer tours which enable participants to travel to and learn about the various soils in Manitoba.  The SSGSA also provides the Department of Soil Science with a canteen and lunchroom where staff and students can meet and eat together.  The SSGSA coordinates several social activities throughout the year for members of the Department of Soil Science and the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences.  These activities include fundraising events, summer barbeques, and friendly games of soccer and ultimate frisbee.

SSGSA representatives are elected annually by their fellow graduate students.  The current SSGSA representatives are:

President : Ahmed Lasis

Treasurer: Ruidong Mi
MSSS Representative:  Chamara Weerasekara
Secretary: Theresa Adesanya
GSA Representatives: Mauli Gamhewage  & Marufa Fatema
Social Rep: Kate Dorrian
Lunchroom Representatives: Nazanin Ghavami & Priscillar Wenyika

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