Student Initiative Fund

The Student Initiative Fund (SIF) has been established by students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences. Its purpose is to provide support for undergraduate student activities, initiatives, events, or in support of services that benefit students in the Faculty. Applications to this Fund should detail the nature of the initiative, event or activity, the specific proposed uses of the requested support, and an explanation of how students will benefit from the initiative. Applicants should use the associated application form to request support. All disbursement decisions will be made by the Committee described below, and no funds shall be disbursed without the Committee's knowledge and permission. The SIF is a restricted operating fund- all proposals and expenditures supported through this Fund must comply with the University of Manitoba's governing financial policies and procedures.

The Committee will put out a call for proposals thrice yearly (in September, November and February), although applications for support will be accepted at any time and indeed the intent is to publicize the existence of the Fund frequently. The Committee will meet in a timely manner (semi-annually/as needed) to:

  1. Review and approve proposals/requests for funding
  2. Review and make recommendations about the expense allocation;

The use of allocated funds must support initiatives in one or more of the following categories, the list of which below is NOT in order of priority. Funds may be allocated to all or any categories at the discretion of the Committee in any given year. Allocations made in any given year apply only to the year in which they are made; i.e. there is no automatic renewal of allocations once made.

  • Educational equipment
  • Renovations
  • Student professional development
  • Maintenance of spaces used exclusively or almost exclusively by students (e.g. FASO offices; student lounge)
  • Other worthy initiatives.

Proposal for initiatives that fall outside of the above-mentioned categories may be granted pending approval by the Committee.


  • Senior Stick, FASO (will normally serve as Committee Chair)
  • Diploma Stick, FASO
  • Senior Treasurer, FASO
  • Director of Communications, FASO
  • Faculty Advisor to FASO
  • Dean of Agricultural and Food Sciences (or designate)

In order to create awareness and ensure the student body is aware of how their charitable contributions are being utilized:

  • The Office of the Dean will provide an online annual report of the SIF disbursements.
  • FASO will report the results of the SIF disbursements to their student body via all reasonable means (online, at orientation, etc.)
  • No new disbursements from the fund may be made without approval from the membership committee, except in cases where urgent care (pertaining to safety issues and/or willful damage) for student-related spaces (e.g. FASO office; student lounge) is required, in which case reasonable disbursements may be made with the Dean's approval, provided immediate notice is given to the selection committee.

Projects deemed to be complimentary or enhancements of existing academic programs should be vetted through the Department Head or Associate Dean Academic before being submitted to the SIF Review Committee.

Third round deadline Friday, February 22, 2019 at 12 noon.

application form


Committee Recommendations for Successful Applications

November 2018 Call Results

The Regenerative Agriculture Conference $285.00
Cultivating Health and Wellness $500.00
Experiential Learning Infrastructure Enhancement Initiative at Glenlea Research Station $2539.00
Agricultural and Food Sciences Indigenous Leadership & Awareness Session $3160.50
Approved Bilateral Exchange  $1000.00
Enhancing the Student Experience in Soybean Field Agronomy $1200.00
Sponsorship to send FHNS Undergraduate Students to the Dietitians of Canada National Conference $4000.00
Sponsorship to send FHNS Student Representatives to the Dietitians of Canada National Conference    $800.00

September 2018 Call Results

iPad for FASO $455.00
MFGA's Regenerative Agriculture Conference $630.00
Food Beyond Borders Project  $945.00
Hive Global Leaders Program  $500.00
Found Voices  $850.00
ACHES Conference 2019  $108.00
Connect '18 - First Year Student Mixer Event  $475.92
Student Professional Development  $500.00
Conference Principles and Practice of Interdisciplinary Obesity Management for Dietitians  $500.00
Sponsorship for UM-Agbot  $1250.00
Global Youth Trends Forum  $1000.00
New Student HNSC Orientation $531.03
NECO Outreach Events. $ 480.00
Career Connect  (job platform through Orbis) $3000.00
Leadership Forum  $3600.00
Association of Canadian Human Ecology Students Conference 2019  $1500.00
Manitoba Association of Home Economists Annual General Meeting $210.00
Exam Fuel Event $900.00
Pre-Vet Club Guest Speakers  $105.00
Clinic Tours for the Pre-Vet Club  $450.00
Job Application Prep Workshops  $500.00
Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference East  $1000.00
International Rural Exchange Program Funding $500.00
Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Niagara Falls  $500.00
Meet the Faculty BBQ  $561.59