Scott Stirton
Scott Stirton

Scott Stirton, University of Manitoba Graduate and leader of Architecture49, a national architectural practice headquartered in Winnipeg, will share insights about the firm’s work and their goal to create meaningful architecture that empowers people, enhances community and elevates our country. The broad spectrum of work will include a review of large and small scaled projects including their journey to restore the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, the design of 21st century learning environments throughout Nova Scotia, and award winning projects such as the Women’s Hospital in Winnipeg, Golf Exécutif Clubhouse in Montreal, and St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Church in Tantallon.

Scott Stirton, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Architecture49 Inc. (formerly Smith Carter Architects and Engineers) and manages the national architectural practice across Canada. Scott brings over thirty years of experience, continuity and commitment to the firm and the firm's relevance within Canadian architectural practice. In any role he takes on, Scott inspires the firm with his passionate belief that architecture can elevate life experiences, transform communities and positively enhance Canadian competitiveness and culture. Scott divides his time between his national leadership role and the practice of architecture. He is well known as a strong strategist and assists many of the firm's clients during the formative stages of their projects, helping to set a strong vision to align expectations and project outcomes. Scott has played an active leadership role in key projects for the firm including True North Square, an urban mixed use development in Winnipeg, the award winning Women’s Hospital at the Health Sciences Centre and leading science research facilities throughout the USA.

As a U of M Faculty of Architecture graduate (1988) and a committed Winnipegger, Scott also brings a passion and dedication locally to Winnipeg by working with community and economic development organizations. Scott was an active member of Centre Venture Board, former Chair of the Canadian Architectural Large firm Round Table and active member of the Health Sciences Centre Foundation.

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Faculty of Architecture Distinguished Lecture
Thursday, November 22, 2018
5 PM Reception | 6 PM Lecture
Centre Space | John A. Russell Building
Faculty of Architecture
University of Manitoba

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