Jason Hare + Jonathan Watts
Jason Hare and Jonathan Watts

The fourth edition of the ROB|ARCH conference series, hosted by the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication at ETH Zurich, took place from 9th–14th September 2018. The event brought together more than 400 academics and practitioners from the fields of architecture, engineering, computer science, robotics and materials science to discuss and experiment with current advances in the field of robotics in architecture, art and design.

This ‘Food for Thought’ lecture will take a deeper look into the 11 hands-on workshops that were hosted prior to the conference. These workshops explored themes from 3D printing on geometrically complex surfaces through multi-robotic construction in limited spaces, to using augmented reality to refine building processes and using a robotic chainsaw to create custom wood joints from tree trunks. The lecture will conclude with some of the conference proceedings on new fabrication techniques in terms of novel architectural expressions, material efficiency, new materials and process efficiencies. Please join us to discuss this exciting topic.

Jason Hare is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and the current Manager of the Faculty of Architecture’s, Digital Fabrication Lab | FABLab. For the past decade Jason has been working to share his knowledge around the transitional relationships that exist when individuals move between physical and digital space and the craft required when shifting media. Working collaboratively with community partners, both internal and external to the Faulty of Architecture, Jason’s work spans multiple scales and a variety of material mediums.

Jonathan Watts is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and a current Researcher and Technician at the Faculty of Architecture’s, Digital Fabrication Lab | FABLab. Jonathans work investigates the use of 3D parametric modelling in Landscape Architecture. From Point clouds to 3D modelling, computer programming supports and drives his explorations in the digital and physical world.

The FABLab would like to thank the Tech Fee for funding this intensive educational trip.

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Food for Thought
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
12 PM |  Centre Space
John A. Russell Building
Faculty of Architecture
University of Manitoba

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